MEGA Series - VCSEL based Automated Laser Tester (ALaT)


The ALaTS (Automated Laser Test System) is our latest integrated system specially designed for high speed testing of VCSEL-laser based devices, such as those used in 3D sensing and other laser sensor based devices. The system test module allows up to 8 test sites, enabling various forms of test to be designed and implemented. The system supports integration with factory server and database through the fast Ethernet/LAN links. The ALaTS system offers the cost effective solution and meets the intricate nature of the much needed test requirements of laser based devices.

Key features:

JEDEC tray loader at the Input

Output load to Tape and Reel

Up to 8 Test Stations is available for laser characterization test
(LIV, Beam Distribution Test, Absolute Power Test,etc)

Fully Automated and High Speed System

Equipped with Top and 5-Sides visual inspection verifications.

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